2019 Theme celebrates 350 years of Dorchester County history


2019 List of Exhibitors 

Living History and CraftsPeople

Jerome Bias – Open Hearth Cooking

“The Chronicles of Adam” – Life of and Enslaved Man

“Ned Hector” Revolutionary War Soldier

Rachel O’Connell – Games of Intrigue and Science

Roberta Perkins as “Handsell Laundress”

Center for Research in Basketry – display and workshop

Eric Cook – Mid 18th c. Frontier Living History

Paul Gasparo – Horn and Leather Wares – Dice Games

Fairplay Vintage Baseball Club of Talbot – Historic Baseball

Carolyn Hoiler – Antique Dolls in East Parlor

Matt Kemp – Blacksmith

Brenda Smith – Rug hooking

For Woodness Sake – Colonial woodworking

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park – African American Games

Harriet Tubman UGRR State Park and UGRR National Historic Park – Games of Enslaved Children

Beverly Wright – Spinner

Arthur J. Malestein – 17th Century Living History

Kelli Tyler – Artisan Spinner

Lady Aimee’s Fine Sewing and Sutlery

Micky Stant – Broom Maker

NHPA’s “Handsell Merchantile”  Gently Used Goods and Sundries of all Kinds.

“350 Years on the Water”: Chesapeake Model Boat Exhibit in Handsell Parlor

Native American

Pocomoke Indian Nation

Terry Crannell – Artifact Collection

Nause Waiwash Band of Indians

Herman Jackson of the Nanticoke Tribe of Milford DE

Tigers Den Jewelry and Accessories

Whitney Elliot – Dreamcatchers


Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth

and Nanticoke Watershed Alliance


Lil Bitta Bull – Food Truck

Ed Otter – Archaeologist and volunteers – “Digging for Treasures”




5 thoughts on “2019 Theme celebrates 350 years of Dorchester County history

  1. Found yesterday’s Jamboree to be enlightning, educational, and inspirational! Exhibitors were knowledgeable and impressive. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope to get involved if just in a small way.


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