Nanticoke River Jamboree 2019 celebrating 350 Years in Dorchester! Join us for the county’s largest living history event

Nanticoke River Jamboree

As a designated Heritage Area in Dorchester County, Maryland, we at Handsell are pleased to join in the celebration of the county’s 350th Anniversary.  This gives us a wide range for interpreting the history of Handsell from the Native People to the African American enslaved and sharecroppers and including colonial settlement.  Through historic craftspeople, docents in period dress, cooking of the enslaved, Native life skills and the history of the water of the Eastern Shore, visitors can immerse themselves in over 300 years of history.

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 Exhibitors interested in participating in October, please contact us:


For a Complete List of Exhibitors for 2018 Click HERE


Every year at this all-day family-friendly event, you can learn from and be entertained by our outstanding Living History Performers.   In 2019 we have an exciting schedule planned:


This year we have several amazing living history interpreters!!

Returning in 2019 in the restored Handsell Kitchen:  Jerome Bias, a living history interpreter portraying an enslaved cook.  Mr. Bias will discuss how African traditions and food preparation influenced early American cooking and talk about the life of enslaved people.


Rachel O’Connell

Also returning this year is Rachel O’Connell, who trained with and served as Assistant to the “Natural Philosopher”, Dean Howarth, O’Connell and will demonstrate many favorite 18th century activities such as: trapball, croquet, Game of Graces (hoop toss), Shut the box (dice game), lawn bowling, mirror box, Newtons Inertia toy, tablecloth pull trick, friction tug o war, bed of nails, and singing wine glasses.


Ron Warren

A flutist, Ron has been fortunate enough to discover an extremely varied, rich and deep path as a musician and Native American flute player.  He has performed with line ups of incredibly gifted musicians, dancers, writers and other artists in a great variety of settings ranging from powwow grounds to club to concert hall.


Paul Gasparo, Leather and Horn Wares and MANY MANY more craftspeople! 

Paul Gasparo demonstrates over an open FIRE!

Paul Gasparo demonstrates over an open fire and has created lead dice for GAMES!


A Special Exhibit in the Handsell Parlors of model Chesapeake Boats, reminding us that “Water Moves Us” here in Dorchester County!


Returning to the Jamboree again in 2019

Representatives from the Pocomoke Indian Nation and other tribal  groups from the Eastern Shore Longhouse at Handsell.  Come meet the men who constructed this amazing native lodge and hear about the methods used to build it.   Walk through this full-size native dwelling house–the children MUST see this!

Chicone Village pictured Summer 2015

Chicone Village pictured Summer 2015


Meet Chief Norris Howard from the Pocomoke Indian Nation and his family.  Hear the story of the Native People of DelMarVa.

Chief Howard discusses history of the Native People with a Radio reporter.

Chief Howard discusses history of the Native People with a Radio reporter.

Come see the preserved Handsell Kitchen at the Jamboree!  Meet Shirley Jackson, descendant of Charles Jackson who was born a slave in 1814 near Vienna.  Also “Voices of the Indiantown”, with Audio and Visual interviews displayed on a computer of descendants of slaves and sharecroppers of the Indiantown area.  See the restored Cooking fireplace, floor and interpretive signage.

Shirley Jackson re enacting one of her ancestors.

Shirley Jackson re enacting one of her ancestors.

***  Living History and Historic Craftsmen!  For a complete listing of Exhibitors go to Schedule of Events


Angela Pinder as “Rachel Jackson”, house servant for the Samuel Thompson family, 1870.

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and much much more!

*** Food will be supplied by Lil Bitta Bull, a truck full of Eastern Shore favorite barbeque.  Have a bite to eat between visits to all our living history presentations.

Admission of $5 per person with Children under 12 FREE helps defray our costs and bring this great event to Dorchester County!


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