2018 “Games Revisited” A Theme Returns


Schedule of Events for 2018:


Please return in September for a full update on the planned events

 Periodic announcements will be made during the day of special Native Demonstrations going on in the Chicone Village area of the Jamboree.  The Pocomoke Indian Nation from Crisfield, Maryland will leading these demonstrations.  

2018 Nanticoke River Jamboree Participants

(as of June 25, 2018)

Living History and CraftsPeople

Center for Research in Basketry – “Eye of God” and Basket Displays

Eric Cook – Mid 18th c. Frontier Living History

Paul Gasparo – Horn and Leather Wares – Dice Games

Fairplay Vintage Baseball Club of Talbot – Historic Baseball

Handsell Kitchen- “African American Doll Making and other Games”

The Kite Loft – kite flying and sales

For Woodness Sake – Tops, Rhythm Sticks, Cup & Ball

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park – African American Games

Beverly Wright – Spinner and Sheep Shearing – Niddie-Noddie

Native American

Pocomoke Indian Nation- Corn Toss and other Native Games

Dan Coates – Certified Archeological Technician

Terry Crannell – Artifact Collection

Phillip Goldsborough – Chipping and Native Crafts

Thomas Jefferson – Mid Atlantic Cherokee Tribe

Lennie Lenape – Dancing Horse

Lenni Lenape – Dawn Manyfeathers – Indian Dice Game and Native Jewelry

Nause Waiwash Band of Indians

Also invited as of June 25 are:

Jugglers and Unicyclist – What fun!

Lady Aimee’s Fine Sewing and Sutlery

Arthur J. Malestein – 17th Century Living History

Shore Good Farms – All Things Corn!

Steve Sullivan – Custom Martin Houses

Joe Poore – Ship’s Carver

Terry White and Maura Manley – Parlor Music and Story Telling


Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth

and Nanticoke Watershed Alliance – Horseshoes and Checkers

Dorchester County Master Gardeners – Chicone Nature Trail

Historic Museums

The Captain Timothy Hill House


Lockhardt, Barbara – Author

2 Chicks Catering-Food

Ed Otter – Archaeologist and volunteers – “Digging for Treasures”




5 thoughts on “2018 “Games Revisited” A Theme Returns

  1. Found yesterday’s Jamboree to be enlightning, educational, and inspirational! Exhibitors were knowledgeable and impressive. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope to get involved if just in a small way.


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