2018 “Games Revisited” A Theme Returns


2018 Nanticoke River Jamboree Participants

(as of September 9, 2018)

Living History and CraftsPeople

Center for Research in Basketry – “Eye of God” and Basket Displays

Eric Cook – Mid 18th c. Frontier Living History

Paul Gasparo – Horn and Leather Wares – Dice Games

Fairplay Vintage Baseball Club of Talbot – Historic Baseball

Rachel O’Connell – Games of Intrigue and Science

Handsell Kitchen- “Jerome Bias, Cooking by the Enslaved”

Carolyn Hoiler – Antique Dolls in East Parlor

Matt Blade – Blacksmith

Brenda Smith – Rug hooking

For Woodness Sake – Tops, Rhythm Sticks, Cup & Ball

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park – African American Games

Beverly Wright – Spinner and – Niddie-Noddie

Harriet Tubman UGRR State Park and UGRR National Historic Park – Games of Enslaved Children

Arthur J. Malestein – 17th Century Living History

Native American

Pocomoke Indian Nation- Corn Toss and other Native Games

Terry Crannell – Artifact Collection

Phillip Goldsborough – Chipping and Native Crafts

Thomas Jefferson – Mid Atlantic Cherokee Tribe

Lennie Lenape – Dancing Horse

Nause Waiwash Band of Indians


Also invited as of July are:

Jugglers and Unicyclist – What fun!

Shore Good Farms – All Things Corn!

Terry White and Maura Manley – Parlor Music and Story Telling


Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth

and Nanticoke Watershed Alliance – Horseshoes and Checkers


Lockhardt, Barbara – Author

2 Chicks Catering-Food

Ed Otter – Archaeologist and volunteers – “Digging for Treasures”




5 thoughts on “2018 “Games Revisited” A Theme Returns

  1. Found yesterday’s Jamboree to be enlightning, educational, and inspirational! Exhibitors were knowledgeable and impressive. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope to get involved if just in a small way.


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