2022 Theme – 200th birthday of Harriet Tubman and Tilley’s Escape!

In the parlor of Handsell house, there will be a display of Tilley’s Escape. Participants this year include:

Living History and Crafts People

Chesapeake Independent Blues 18th Century Historical Interpreters

Jerome Bias and Janice Canaday –  Open Hearth Cooking

Janice Green as Harriet Tubman

Marvin Greer – “Bound for Freedom” and the Underground Railroad

Gina Gerhard – Wool spinning and dyeing in East Parlor

Donna Hayden and Makayla Gibson – herbs and cooking assistant

LaSara Kinser – African American medicinal herbs

Roberta Perkins — Handsell Laundress

Aleta Davis – Braided rugs

Mark Williams – Blacksmith

For Woodness Sake – 18th c. Woodworking

Mickey Stant – Broom Maker

Lady Aimee’s Fine Sewing and Sutlery

Art Malestein as “Christopher Nutter, Indian Trader”

David Rose as “Thomas Taylor” –   Handsell Trading Post

Walter and Kathy Singer – Musicians in West Parlor

Linda Harris, David Cole and Justine Pryor – Code Songs at the Memorial to the Enslaved

Environmental and Historic Museums

Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth and Nanticoke Watershed Alliance (??)

Harriet Tubman UGRR State Park – “Marbles”

UGRR National Historic Park – Sack Races!

Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance– Handsell Information and Sales Table

“Tilley’s Escape” – display in the Handsell parlor

Native American

Terry Crannell – Artifact Collection

Phillip Goldsborough – Chipping and Native Crafts

Pocomoke Indian Nation 

Drew Shuptar – Rayvis  17th c. Native Interpreter, Pocomoke Descendant

Nause Waiwash Band of Indians

Herman Jackson of the Nanticokes, Milford DE

Handsell’s Chicone Village Volunteers


Handsell Merchantile – NHPA volunteers

“That Kitchen” Food Truck

Edward Otter, PhD.  The Artifacts at Handsell

Barbara Lockhart –Author

Boy Scouts of American Troop # 1091 – Admission and Parking volunteers









5 thoughts on “2022 Theme – 200th birthday of Harriet Tubman and Tilley’s Escape!

  1. Found yesterday’s Jamboree to be enlightning, educational, and inspirational! Exhibitors were knowledgeable and impressive. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope to get involved if just in a small way.


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