Paddling and Biking at the Jamboree

As part of the Nanticoke River Jamboree Celebration we wish to give visitors to Handsell a chance to explore the entire Indiantown area by both land and water by providing paddling and biking opportunities for all ages. The event is in part a fundraiser for the Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance, a non-profit all volunteer organization. We have contracted with highly experienced local outfitters, Adrenaline High to make your trips enjoyable and educational.

Come to the Jamboree and rent a kayak to explore the beautiful Chicone Creek to see where the native Nanticoke people lived before English settlement. Before your trip, be capitvated by Daniel Firehawk Abbott, native American interpreter as he takes you back to life along the Chicone as you learn of his ancestors, the Nanticokes.  Take an hour from the day at the Jamboree and rent a kayak–you will be amazed by what is hidden behind the hard-wood swamps of the Chicone Village area.

Bikes rentals will also be available for the day!  Explore the Indiantown on two wheels!

Chicone Creek adjoining Handsell
Chicone Creek adjoining Handsell

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